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full time Help free Enslaved children of Mauritania 12$/hr or MORE

at Jobs in Montreal Montreal Downt

Salary 12$/hr or more as it is based on your performance.

YOUTH FOR FREEDOM exists to ensure that slavery will end worldwide and will not rest until then.” Freedom isn’t free”.

We are YOUTH FOR FREEDOM, a non profit organization and we are looking for a few compassionate , motivated, honest, energetic, enthusiastic individuals to help us fundraise so that we can feed and shelter slaves in the NEGLECTED African country of Mauritania (Cnn special: http://topics.cnn.com/topics/mauritania )

This is the dream of the founder Alex Masters, who has planned this trip for himself and the particular group to ensure that all contributions reach the proper destination.

*HELP US collect signatures for a petition to convince the major world governments to take action.

*HELP US collect donations all over Montreal for a trip in September to Mauritania to feed slaves, build shelters and to provide basic necessities until our petition can convince major governments to take action.

YOU will be working in various areas and locations of Montreal during day, evening and/or night shifts depending on your availability.

While we accept candidates who speak either English or French, bilingualism is a great benefit.

TO APPLY: Please respond to this message ASAP with your contact information and your interest in this position.IF YOU DO NOT PROVIDE A WORKING

Limited positions available.


  • Mauritania is a country in North West Africa. Last country on earth where slavery exists and is regularly practiced.
  • 30% of the population is enslaved. (over 680,000 people are slaves)
  • Slavery was outlawed in 1981, but never criminalized until 2007.
  • Only one person has ever been prosecuted for owning slaves. He only spent 6 months in jail.
  • The people enslaved have no families and no resources and eventually return to their taskmasters for support.
  • Mauritanians have been enslaved for generations since the countries conception. Psychologically slaves are taught to believe slavery is the natural order of things.

Government corruption is severe. Many bureaucrats own slaves themselves and are paid off by influential persons.

  • Abuse in Mauritania includes: Discrimination against women, female genital mutilation (FGM), child marriage, racial and ethnic discriminations, and child labor.

Compensation: 12$/hr or more depending on

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