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full time Publishing Contract for Startup Contributors (Montreal)

at Jobs in Montreal Montreal

I'm the creative heart and founder of Bravo Your City! It's Yelp meets Lonely Planet on a beautiful magazine platform but with a social mission to create jobs by paying major contributors 50% of the profits from their stories that sell. We are looking for startup contributors.

Startup Contributors:
These people generate content for the beta release, test for bugs and give user feedback. If you like to write and take photographs (or can form a photo/text duo), you will be perfect for the job! We are open to all locations in the world. Check out FAQ for more about what kind of content we are looking for: travel, food, lifestyle, human interest, art, design, and culture stories. This can be a few stories here and there or hundreds. If you know of other people in the world who might be interested in submitting content for BYC, please send them this information, and tell them to contact me regarding the publishing contract.

Submission parameters for each story: 1 location, 1-5 photos, 1-500 words. This keeps it short and sweet to create and read.

We alpha-launched BYC only two months ago, so the design is quite raw. BYC will be continually updated over the next couple months, and the random collection of stories will be organized into beautiful electronic magazines in beta. The magazines are called (trademarked) BYC Microguides. Our first BYC Microguides will be available in a month: Silicon Valley Foodie Guide, Brooklyn Flea Market, and Hidden Hong Kong.

This is a renewable publishing contract for 50% of the sales from your startup stories that sell in BYC Microguides. These will be sold on Amazon Kindle, iPhone App store, Droid App store, and on our website as soon as you create enough stories to make a Microguide. They can be hyper-customized/localized and about almost anything you wish to create! This is much like a book contract where you create the stories and receive payment when they sell in a Microguide. Although this won't be right away, we've got contributors going strong in Hong Kong, San Francisco and New York (soon Paris) who believe in the concept and that it will take off. They are excited about creating collections of Microguides for their city. For now, the compensation is having your work professionally published; autonomy to create content that is meaningful to you; the opportunity to create the perfect travel guide or magazine that will be sold and profit shared with you!

Please contact me regarding the publishing contract, and check out the alpha released site!


MiSoon Burzlaff
founder | chief editor

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