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full time Looking for 3 actors and 1 actress (Montreal)

at Jobs in Montreal Montreal

Working Title: Clark's Room

Start Date: July 23, 2012

STORY LINE: After running away while his friends are killed in an alley way Clark has locked himself in his bedroom. He has stayed in his room for a few months and his brother Jimmy is growing more and more concerned. Clark claims to be agoraphobic and is upset by Jimmy's recent filling of one of his dead roommates old rooms. Jimmy meets Haley who has experience from a similar situation earlier in her life and they attempt to help Clark.

CLARK: Early to mid-twenties, Caucasian male. He is an average build and not someone whose looks would jump out to you while walking down the street. He comes off as slightly awkward, but likeable. The actor should be able to deliver a wide range of emotions as well as deliver some lines in a comedic fashion.

JIMMY: Mid to late twenties, Caucasian male. Jimmy is also an average build preferably similar to the Clark character as they are brothers. He is a nice guy and even though he is somewhat frustrated with his brother's condition he still does everything to help him. Jimmy has some charm, but is overall a sweet and kind person.

HALEY: Early to mid-twenties, Caucasian female. Haley comes in to attempt to help Clark after seeing her mother go through a similar situation during her childhood. She is caring and is understanding towards Clark which helps to strengthen their relationship.

ADAM: Twenties, any race Male. He gives off an air of arrogance and is well-built and good looking. Adam is the first person who isn't frightened away by Clark and decides to rent the vacant room, which greatly upsets Clark and prevents any relationship. Adam is jerky and typically makes comments that offend Clark and make light of his situation. He introduces Haley to Jimmy, but that is one of his few redeeming qualities.

Compensation: For those interested HD footage will be supplied for acting demos for everyone who is willing to come out and audition. On set, food and drink will be provided.

This is a student film for Champlain College of Burlington Vermont.

Thank you for considering.

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